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Insight from an accounting partner

Why choose expert systems?
Accounting partners are looking to uncover account management opportunities.

Meet Daniel…
Daniel is a partner at a top 10 accounting firm and he’s looking to increase revenue per client.

Scanning for opportunities
Daniel and his fellow partners have been working to provide more value to clients through consulting services. A key challenge is deciding which clients to approach with a structured proposal. They cannot make proposals to all clients. The issue they face is that they know some of their clients have high-impact problems but need a way to find them.

There is an immense amount of data in their client management system. Only some of this information may be important to accountants. Daniel’s team has been searching for a way to make the process more efficient. Right now, accountants need to review client data manually and make a diagnosis. However, a preferable system would be to implement a consulting MRI machine. Scanning client data in this way gives accountants a deeper qualitative understanding of clients at scale.

Needle in a stack of hay
The major difficulty in gleaning insights from historic client communication data is sifting through thousands of words for useful material. The fact that most communication is not related to actionable issues intensifies the challenge. This complexity forces Daniel’s team to actively search through this data for the subset of relevant information.

Intelligent feedback loop
Daniel decided that the best way to solve the problem was to implement an artificial intelligence solution. This would work as a consulting opportunity scanner for his firm. They began looking for a system that would enable them to intelligently search through this large data set.

Managers drive the learning process which helps the system recognise patterns. This pattern recognition enables the intelligent classification of existing and incoming information. During the training phase, managers review the messages that the expert system picks out. They then categorise these messages for relevance and the type of information they contain.

Profitable pattern recognition
The expert system that Daniel put in place was able to recognise the patterns inherent in clients who are good candidates for a consulting engagement. This is an evolving system that iteratively learns to recognise attributes that suitable accounts share. The expert system, internally known as “The MRI Machine” takes the place of having associates classify client data. If a data set has certain characteristics, this will trigger an account review. Managers then decide whether the client is suitable for a preemptive proposal.

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